At Conundrum Technologies, we create World-Class Sustainable Technology Eco-Systems that simplify the way you live and work in your home or business environment. Our team of technology specialists, designers and consultants are passionate about creating a simplified solution for you, and committed to ensuring that your experience in working with us is exemplary.

For over sixteen years, Conundrum Technologies has been making technology responsible, by integrating electronic systems in homes and businesses to create efficient and sustainable environments. However, what makes us unique is our people. Our focus on "Human Connection" has been the cornerstone for our clients' experience.  We have always understood the importance and responsibility that comes with allowing our people into the privacy of your home or business. That is why I am proud to say that we have hundreds of clients who call us "friends."  Our people, our clients and our community . . . it's our responsibility. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next project and serve you in the future.


Thank you,

Jason S. Perez

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


From simple stand-alone Audio Systems to complete Home Automation Systems, we will work with your design & construction team to provide you with a simplified and intuitive system that perfectly meets the needs of your home and family.  
With a resume of more than twenty Multi-Dwelling Unit developments, including a number of design-oriented projects in Denver's River Front Park, we have unparalleled experience and ability to deliver exceptional commercial systems.


Our technological expertise in Renewable Energy, Control Systems, and Energy Optimization has opened opportunities to work on LEED Certified projects, win International Awards and work with the U.S. Army/National Guard.